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Cohesive destruction

Part of the mantra or propaganda of the European Union is the concept of cohesion, togetherness and ever closer union. However, in a world of super powers including China, the USA, Russia and BRICS each EU member state constitutes, in population terms, a tiny minority faction on the world stage. There is therefore a dangerous vector within the European "state" that consists of national politicians and prime ministers supporting poor EU decisions so as to be associated with the wielding of the "greater power". This is particularly true of the more recent arrivals from Central Europe where the EU is seen as the new boss with the old boss, the Soviet Union, having receded into the historic past.

One of the most striking failures of the EU has been the collective failure to represent distinct source of an attractive community and foreign policy. If one strings together the historic evolution of European thinkers, philosophers and artists whose inspiring works provide a sense of wonderment as to how such beings could arrive at such a level of perfection in thought, word, deed or artistic expression one has to be disappointed at the current calamitous, sometimes thoughtless, utterings and decisions, affecting millions of people, taken by European leaders, so-called.

Such people whose power is levered nationally by the associative grandeur of their participation on the European stage need to reflect on the fact that they are all products of European cultures and as such should turn their attention to the human dimensions of decisions. Rather than give unquestioned support to coalitions that have destroyed secular states in the Middle East, and therefore removed the sources of equilibrium in community and cultural contributions of multi-ethnic and religious minorities, "Europe" has blindly emulated the inferiority complexes of national leaders by a sycophantic and debasing of values by supporting and repeating the blind US Department of State's mantras and propaganda. Of course one only has to read the State Department open declarations of their policy that will not tolerate dissent anywhere in the world to realize that the European Union leadership is on a suicidal course. "If you are not with us you are against us"is an abusive arrogance and more fundamentally, an idiotic position for the foreign policy of any nation. Open dissent in Europe is what has advanced the world's culture not obsequious grovelling to what is assumed to be a greater and wiser power even when it demonstrates divisive objectives and stupidity. Above all, the USA is a country with an inspiring written constitution but its politicians demonstrates daily the ability to debase their own society and its values by following their personal interests by advocating and enacting decisions, no matter what the general consequences, paid for by the highest bidders.

The recent events in the Ukraine and Paris are the result of European national leadership being "embarrassed" into doing things against the interests of their own people but in the interests of the USA's international objectives. From useless economic sanctions to opting for violence rather than negotiations and conflict resolution European lurches from crisis to crisis as the sanctions back-fire and the numbers of asylum seekers from counties attacked by European military increase.

Human values are not exclusive to Europeans and exceptionalism is not exclusive to the Americans but they are a common expectation moderated by human conscience where satisfaction and happiness increase as people are able to witness, in practice, their demonstration by leaders and by all who have the freedom to exercise them; an evolving foundation for mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence.

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