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Systemic inconsistency

Violence and aggression have taken on a central role in foreign policy. The romantic historic notions of national revolutions are transposed onto the lives of people in other countries where they are expected to endure the outrage of aggressive foreign intervention in the name of "democracy". The imaginary French girl taking up the role of the girl standing on the barricades during the storming the Bastille seems to be what we expect of those who suffer under violent onslaughts organized by Coalitions "for her good". If she becomes collateral damage, well at least she died because we were trying to establish democracy and a better future for her.

The consistent failures of US foreign policy in the Middle East has led to serious problems for Europe in the form of the migration of those affected by an ill-fated and failed foreign policy actively supported by Britain and France. The US Department of State appears to have, as its central mission, the creation of failed states in those same countries as well as the Ukraine. The waves of asylum seekers moving from war zones is destabilizing Europe directly and yet European politicians seems to think the solution is a hapless acceptance of the status quo and putting up razor wire fences, as opposed to addressing the elephant in the room, the need to demand that the USA abandons its destructive policies. European countries need to provide a tangible leadership for the people of Europe by withdrawing their support of US inspired sanctions and military campaigns which only deepen the evolving humanitarian disaster. Europe needs to demand that NATO stop being the mouth piece of US interests. Far from achieving any social cohesion on a global scale Europe, by following US demands, has succeeded in undermining many years of economic and social development by replacing this with a systemic inconsistency where people are left confused, prejudiced and damaged.

We need to move from the cynical operational state of "managing" crises to "solving" them.

If our societies remain "safe" only on the basis of a continuing slaughter of innocent men women and children then we must question the moral basis for our own existence and to question the real significance of any "values" we might feel that we aspire to. The most important way to secure our own safety is for all to demand that our so-called representatives spurn violence and at all times be judged on their ability to strive for and to secure peace.

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